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Projects I am working on and have past completed.

Hard work and progress

Just wanted to show you a small snippet of the behind the scenes of me creating this wonderful piece. medium used is Copic ink pens and graphite pencil. 

Me and 2021. New work and new inspiration

My 2021 goal and current work

Don't mess with nature, COVID

Don’t mess with nature


COVID Virus, where did it come from?

Well it is believed that it came from Wuhan, China.  And how did evolve?

Apparently via animals that we don’t eat such as bats. People eating bats.  Bats are apparently primates so its like eating a human. 

After COVID dies out or down, will we alone, ask what can we do to avoid this happening again? Will we be strong and make a calm educated stance on what we do to nature?

We have to, there are more dangerous diseases to be unleashed, devastating virus that will cause...

Nature inspires my work

Nature inspires my work

Modern Indigenous humble perspective on today's issue