Me and 2021. New work and new inspiration

Welcome to 2021


I hope you are doing well.

2020 was challenging, in fact every year is challenging.

One of the most important things I have learnt this year is what Eckhart Tolle said “just be, and enjoy being”, that’s enough and what we have total control over.

This is my goal.

I have been extremely quiet for quite a few months, various challenges and mindset changes I had to confront, own and learn from.

Art has always been a little way to express my emotions.  I love that others can enjoy my work. 

with the various challenges I have not been drawing at all.  It has been very hard to pick up a pen and sit down to create.

But this year that is changing.  A wonderful opportunity has been offered to me which involves creating two drawings for a well-respected museum.  I will tell all soon.  Keep watch as I give you a sneak peek of my work for this amazing museum.  I have to be honest it is very challenging trying to create, especially as I have to work full-time and raise two children.  fitting it all in among my responsibilities and trivial matters is like putting together a big puzzle that has to be completed yesterday.

But I wanted to let you, the amazing audience know that I am now fired up, inspired to draw and create works for you. 


The images you see are one of the works in progress and one is of the first draft, it’s me capturing the spirit of the person. 



 Laura and Mariko.  Australian Museum, Sydney NSW, 2021


On the Sydney Bus services, spreading the word. 




I hope you like. 



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