Nature inspires my work

Work is a way to survive as it has always been.  Today we work in a way where we often work in either isolation, long hours away from family and friends, and more, often for little reward to pay for essentials that are often out of affordability, unless you budget very well. 

I often hear people talk about stress with work and keeping up with bills, cost of living, if you have mental health issues then western life money issues may increase anxiety and stress taking one quickly down a path of depression. 

So, what are some ways to keep in tune with reality?   not get overwhelmed with buying what we don’t need? How do we shield ourselves form never-ending bad news, other junk, like the mainstream media and big organisation manipulation?

One, method, is to get out in nature.  Let me tell you what nature has inspired me to do.

Drawing is probably my most valuable skill and I use it to tell the world what’s going on in my world, my mind, heart, thoughts, feelings.  Drawing can be an escape for me.  I draw when I’m bored and when I’m feeling down, it gives me a healthy way to calm the mind, lower the heart rate, focus thoughts n feelings, this is when I draw some of my best work. 

In the last three years I have been giving people an opportunity to wear some of my work that has been drawn out form my imagination.  The work is of natural elements such as flora and fauna.  It’s also a bit of a way to tell people about my land where I am from in South Australia, the northern Flinders Ranges.  When I visit nature especially, land, home, I calm right down, things become clear in my head, the sights, sounds, smells, and temperature somehow calm me.  Then I think about my ancestors who lived here for a long-time raising kid, losing loved ones in death, seeing natural phenomena, living in harmony with this at times harsh and beautiful landscape. 

When in a serene place such as Yarta (land) I reflect on how it must have been like in a time when you where one with nature. 

Nature, calmness, peace, healed, this is what it feels like when, in it. I listen to many stories from people who love to just get out in nature, whether it’s, fishing, camping, bush walking, hunting, bike riding, whatever, the reaction is the same, refreshed, wonder, awe.  Nature can be brutal and harsh too, that’s a fact.  But its beauty and qualities for human health outweighs the dangers.


So nature inspires me to draw to inspire others to get out in nature, learn about it, feel it, to cut out a large chunk of unnecessary noise from the consumer giants, to spend time with loved ones, to learn how Indigenous peoples lived in harmony with it. 

Nature is absolutely free and its been here before humans and is here forever.  Get in it, feel it, breathe, smile.

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