Don't mess with nature, COVID

Don’t mess with nature


COVID Virus, where did it come from?

Well it is believed that it came from Wuhan, China.  And how did evolve?

Apparently via animals that we don’t eat such as bats. People eating bats.  Bats are apparently primates so its like eating a human. 

After COVID dies out or down, will we alone, ask what can we do to avoid this happening again? Will we be strong and make a calm educated stance on what we do to nature?

We have to, there are more dangerous diseases to be unleashed, devastating virus that will cause more brutal destruction to our societies. 

We can stop future insanity.


There are many steps and things we can do.

I have just a couple of things to be mindful of:

Take deep breath, recognise the overwhelming noise clouding our thoughts on the future, the man-made noise clouding our calm thoughts on what is most important in life. We must conserve nature, we must get out in it, we must not become gripped in the need to have the best and brightest material things, remember loved ones health, our connections with community, good clean food are just a few free gifts of life that make it richer and meaningful more than dollars and materials ever will.


Learn new knowledge, grab some books or check out audio books, check out podcasts, vlogs which are video blogs on YouTube, there is a wealth of incredible humbling knowledge out there.


What does all this have to do with COVID?

Well we are losing eyesight on the destruction of life balance, nature balance. 

Stopping, stopping and taking a close around us, learn, ask, and ask more, question everything.

The more we ask and observe and dig deep the more we expose actions, the more we are aware of deception, the more we can take action and steps to maintain a balance with nature and then we can stop devastating diseases from rising and mutating. We mess with nature it will bite extremely hard back, the more we maintain balance the future will be calm safe and beautiful.

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