My name is Jason Coulthard.


I am of the Adnyamathanha people (rock people) in South Australia.

I live in Sydney.  I moved to Sydney in 2006 from Port Augusta South Australia.

I have been drawing most of my life.  It started as a small boy when I was bored sitting in church sermons, I would draw in the religious literature, spaceships and adventurous scenes; I got into frequent trouble at school, when I was bored in class, I would draw on tables.

drawing gave me a feeling of escape and would allow emotions to be transferred onto what I was drawing.

Medium I use is: fine tip ink pens, graphite pencil, Posca pens and biro.

Name and medium you work in; The technique for my effect is; stippling, crosshatching and intricate line and spherical shapes.

My influences have been Anime and sci-fi literature and film of the late 70’s and early to mid-80’s, ink artists such as Sergio Toppi, Alberto Aleandro Uderzo, the dry and vast land from which I grew up on and the cosmos.

My aim is to create my own style which is identifiable at first glance as being my work. I will Create strong and deep works that touches something deep inside the viewer and inspires them.

Although I have learnt from other artists I am resolute in respecting fellow artist and sticking to my own style.  It’s taken a long time to stick with what I am happy drawing.  Never stray away from what drives my work and sell out to what is popular at the time.

I had a wonderful experience this year in creating drawings for the Australian Museum “unsettled” show.  I was given freedom to create works for this show within my own style.

I used to sell my artwork on t-shirts at markets in Sydney and Newcastle; I found this an affordable way for folks to wear my art.   But now I am raising tow children and have had to pull back on creating new work due to lack of time.

Now and then I do some illustration work for the Tangentyre group in Alice Springs NT for their family education programs.

I want to continue drawing flora and fauna with Adnyamathanha stories and words, this is a cool way of preserving a language.

But for now I am being a dad and drawing when I have the time.